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Do you want to support my cause? You can make a donation by clicking the button below! All you need is a PayPal account (like the one you would use for eBay etc) and some money to donate! So, if you want to support me, just click the button.


What does supporting jamiebalfour.com entitle me to?


  • There are currently no benefits offered to people who support me other than the fact that they have themselves helped fund towards me holding up the website and purchasing hardware.
  • It also may give you a sense of satisfaction that you have helped to support me.
  • It may also allow me to purchase hardware to review for YouTube and this website.


Where does my money go?


The money donated goes to the PayPal account maintained by me to support me. Only donate if you wish to support me and there is no guarantee as to where the money will go. I don't like massive donations. I prefer small donations such as �1.



Thanks a lot,

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