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Welcome to my new website! I have just recently created this and intend on updating it regularly. Here you can find out about my current and future plans.


I have a keen interest in the computing industry, but recently have taken up a very strong interest in politics as well, so check out both of those sections. I have also given links in the jamiebalfour04 section to all of my jamiebalfour04 account in the franchise.


You can find my personal and professional responses normally on my Twitter account which is currently found on the right hand side.


Please also suggest new ideas for my website, therefore I can make this site as user-friendly and fun as possible.


You can also read reviews on certain products on my site as well. As well as doing YouTube reviews, I do written reviews that can be found on the pages relevant to them, mostly on the Computing page.


If you find the time, please also like the page on Facebook as it all helps to gain support for my website and gain views to help it continue to run.


As well as all of this, I would appreciate your subscription on YouTube and I would also accept a small donation as token of support.


Up at the top right of the page you will find all the sections on the website. You can use these to navigate around the website. You can also contact me on my new email address if you have any specific enquiries or need information about the site which is


My personal blog can be found at and the my BlackRabbit blog can be found on my website at


The Software Alpha-Beta Application Programme (SABAP) is now available at the following link:


Please feel free to browse the site and leave feedback. At the same time however, I would really appreciate it if you visited the other pages in the jamiebalfour04 franchise such as Flickr, YouTube etc.


The BlackRabbit information section appears as part of my website. If you are here for this, please click on the BR2011 tab at the top to find out more about the language and how it can benefit you.


As I do not check the email address mentioned earlier as regularly as the others, I advise if you urgently need to contact me, my Googlemail account is more useful. Please only contact me if you absolutely must, as I regret to inform that I do not reply to emails which are considered "junk".


And one last thing, you can search my website, which includes the blogs, using my new Google Search, which can be found on the right hand side of all of my pages.





Yours sincerley,

Jamie Balfour,

Site Administrator





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